Introduction of service

bonded logistics area implements the policy of “outside the customs and within the boundary”. The entry of goods from overseas into the bonded logistics area is not regarded as an import, and bonded import function shall be done. It is regarded as import only when it is re-imported from the bonded logistics area to inland. By now, customs formalities should be applied formally and pay customs duties should be paid. When the goods enter bonded logistics area from the domestic market, they are regarded as export and export tax rebate function should be achieved. This forms a bonded logistics operation with bonded warehousing as the core content.

Service value

● Solve various domestic sales restrictions of trade processing enterprise;

● Regarded as the overseas bonded goods collection platform, reduce the logistics cost of enterprises into the zone, the tax rebate policy enables the export of goods can be achieved;

● Handling tax refund procedures timely, improving the use of funds effectively to form a real overseas transaction or international settlement;

● Exemption from import tax (e.g. VAT, consumption tax).