Control on trade and customs clearance

Foreign-related business is a risk business, and every step of risk management needs to be done. East Changer helps customers to conduct early inspection and identification of potential trade and customs related risks, and conduct trade compliance audits on products, documents and processes, such as whether products and documents meet the requirements of the trading country, whether the classification is correct, whether the price declared to the customs is reasonable, whether it complies with the import and export control requirements of the country and the trading country, and so on. East Changer helps customers to prevent trade risks and to avoid economic losses caused by business risks or trade legal risks.




Control on logistics distribution
Logistics distribution has become one of the core links in foreign trade activities. Inefficient logistics and distribution can lead to excessive logistics costs and even become a bottleneck for development. East Changer integrates resources to provide customers with efficient and comprehensive logistics distribution solutions. East Changer implements unified information management and scheduling for the entire logistics distribution system, which responds quickly to customers’ receipt and delivery instructions, provides batch order processing functions, completes wave processing, and counts the order details that are not fully allocated automatically. The out-of-stock status is clear at a glance. Batch analysis and wave picking distribution map improves, optimizes warehouse operation efficiency, provides real-time and rich inventory query management, including inventory movement, inventory adjustment, internal transfer (changes to inventory attribute), quality inspection management, inventory freeze, inventory counting, inventory inquiry, inventory warning, generating replenishment tasks, inventory distribution map, etc. Facilitate customers to keep abreast of inventory, improve and optimize receipt processing operations from different perspectives.


K-WMS Logistics Management System - Online Order Management Function (Query, Track, Order)

Control on information system
East Changer has an information construction team. The IT team has nearly 20 years of experience and technical ability in the construction of information technology for comprehensive service for foreign trade, which has participated in the information construction of more than 10 customs areas and local electronic ports. East Changer also pays attention to internal information construction. The self-developed internal system has information system modules such as customs and logistics control functions. It can truly, accurately and completely record business activities, and can achieve strict control, retrieval and tracking of business activities. The system promotes self-regulation, self-management effectively to ensure the efficient implementation of business activities, business management and legal compliance. By using system, customers can reduce error effectively and improve work efficiency. They can also track order status, implement process monitoring, and easily grasp business order information through the system.


  ERP Management System of Eeastchanger